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What is FoxSox

MadeintheUSA_Icon_SmallFoxSox Fundraisers is a fast-growing fundraising company that assists your school or organization’s fundraising efforts with quality hosiery options. We offer custom-designed socks that proudly feature your logo and colors. Located in North Alabama, our products are 100% Made in the USA. We strive to create opportunities We employ in our community.  here where more than 3,000 hosiery-related jobs have been lost in the past four years.

For every $20.00 collected, the net profit for your school or organization is at least $12.00!  In some cases, the net profit is up to $14.00 out of $20.00 collected! FoxSox has delivered time and time again.  No other fundraiser can match our profits and efficiency.

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Why Choose FoxSox?

FoxSox styles are varied and tailored to meet your needs. You choose the color, and each pair of FoxSox sport your school name or logo – a personal and fashionable way for members and fans to support their favorite team. Custom-designed You choose how your socks look! and comfortable? Must be FoxSox!
FoxSox are wholly designed and produced in the USA. You will enjoy your FoxSox season after season – and every pair carries a one-year quality guarantee.
We offer the largest profit margins in the fundraising industry. Helping schools make more money is at the heart of what we want to accomplish, and no one does it better than FoxSox Fundraisers!
Schools are burdened enough these days without having to shell out cash for fundraising events. With FoxSox, there are absolutely no upfront costs or out of pocket expenses. FoxSox transactions are clean, easy, profitable and hassle-free.

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